Thursday, 4 April 2013

I'm Working on a Novella and Angelia Dawson Published One

Yoooou betcha!

I'm turning this story into a full-blown tale of hot love! It gets a little, um... NSFW. So read that shit at home with a fine wine. And leave a comment! Hopefully I'll be able to take your suggestions and make a published tale of rainbows for you!

I bet Kitten is the dude
And, yes, remember Lady Angelica Dawsonii here a while back? Well, if you weren't born then, she mentioned the release of a prequel to her dark destrier of a book, Blue Moon House. It shall be dubbed Blue Moon House: Kitten, and it comes to our Kindles and Kobos April 27th.

Before it comes out, you can peek at it here.

You better recharge your Lelo, bitch.

P.S. I don't know why I picked destrier. I suppose I figured that no one describes anything by majestic war horses nowadays. I should make it a thing.

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