Thursday, 17 January 2013

Staged Whispers

 For the past little while I have had the honour of studying Cassandre Dayne's works. And I get paid to do it, too!
If you haven't heard of her, then you haven't been properly acquainted with the Internet. Cassandre is recipient of many a Paranormal Romance award, as well as the author of countless publications in the last year and a half alone. If you're into anything paranormal, then Ms. Dayne will take you on a thrill ride of terrifying, mesmerizing, and tantalizing proportions. Her latest creation of which I have been immersing myself in is Staged Whispers.

The story follows three housemates, occasional lovers and co-owners of Forever Green Lawn Company. Things should be perfect; they are extremely successful businessmen, they live in comfort and luxury, and once in a while, they have each other. However, there's more at play than meets the eye. Cole, a confident and capable suave seducer, is able to sense with his Empath ability that Dylan, his normally positive and caring colleague, is troubled by something sinister. It's not long before Dylan's past catches up with him and invites hell into their lives.

What I like best about Cassandre's work is that she's not afraid to get visceral--in which I mean she will tear the guts out of her characters and paint the walls with them. I've never come across erotica that takes on such dark tones and themes. If you ever find the mainstream erotic romance lacking, and want to find crime, mystery and murder, turn to Cassandre--she'll probably throw demons and monsters in the deal as a bonus.

You can find Cassandre Dayne's works at the Naughty Nights Press store, as well as All Romance eBooks, goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and the almighty Amazon. Don't forget to like her on Facebook!

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