Sunday, 13 January 2013

What to Expect

Hello to all! With a new year came a new desire to kick my career into high gear--and dust off this blog to give it a little TLC.

In the past I've posted excerpts of what I'm working on. That will continue, but with it will come some new features, which I'm hoping will be consistent and of high quality! From now on you will see:
  • Tuesday Turn-on: A 500-1000 word short, just to tease you. Oh, that's good too, Tuesday Tease. Shit, conundrum....
  • What I'm Working On: Every Thursday, you get to hear about what I'm writing, editing, and procrastinating on. It will be short, sweet, and may occasionally contain a peek or two. I might also have pictures!
  • Saturday Evening Dessert: Every Saturday I will do a outline of an author--this may include interviews or brief biographies, reviews, snipets of writing and/or a highlight of their books and other accomplishments. These will be writers from Naughty Nights Press, or just authors I've happened to meet while meandering the wonderful world of the Internet. Regardless, expect to see vivacious things on Saturdays.
This is my promise to you, my promise to me, and the beginning of something beautiful! To set off the new May McQueen blog, let's celebrate with an optimistic .gif!

listen to me you are flawless

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