Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday Evensong: Kayem Gee

Look at you, you naughty reader you, coming back to my blog! This time I am pleased to introduce someone new to you. She's got something fresh, something giddy, and she's got talent. New to the Saturday Evening floor: 
I go by the name KAYEM GEE THEE POETESS…coming to you from Saint Louis, Missouri.
  • Kay=Kesha (my first name)
  • Em=Marcus Sr. (husband of 16 years)
  • Marke (my lone daughter)
  • Marcus Jr. (our first son)
  • Marcus III (our 3rd son ) LOL…their father thought it would be grand to name our children after him so we rolled with that.
  • GEE is our last name
Ooo, I love that! It's like Tyson and his dozen Mike children. Well, not really--at least Marke was given a little mercy. And your two sons have to grow up to be doctors and astronauts with those names! Tell us, Kayem, who are you, really?
As a person I am Kesha (pronounced KEY-Shah with long E sound) I’m humorous, soft spoken and easy going, non-judgmental.
As KAYEM GEE thee poetess—I tend to play devil's advocate to tell story from a less popular point of view—as the saying goes, “You will never know a person until you have walked in their shoes.”
I like that--an empathetic underdog. Everyone likes both of those things! Care to share your life's wishes, Kay?
As it stands now, I’m very passionate in finding out what is the “pink” in pink lemonade! Does anyone know?
I think it has to do with genetically modified crops, but the producers will swear 'til their blue in the face that it's dedication, love, and food coloring. But more on that later. If someone were to ask you, "Kay, what book should I put on my bucket list?" what would your response be?

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss.

Good choice! Everyone needs to know that train food is okay to eat once in a while! Beyond your wisdom through literature, what other guidance do you offer the world?
I bring to the table acceptance…I'm very non-judgmental as I stated earlier…
Oh, so few of you in this world. I'm getting the feeling others have touched your life in a particular way. Anything to say on that note?
I have a short term goal of writing a book on Multiple Sclerosis.
A woman of few words but unspeakable meaning. You're already making me glow with warm fuzzies. Besides others in your life, has your work affected who you are?
Has writing changed me as a person? No, but it changed how people see me.
There's a Mayan god dedicated to that. I'm pretty sure. So while all these people are seeing you differently (in a good way, I hope), what's the best advice they've ever given you?
Best advice ever given—FA(my grandfather, his soul is resting in peace)—"If you are going to be a tool, be the screwdriver. In other words, don’t get nailed or screwed!"
That's a knee slapper! And open to a lot of interpretation... what if the whole world screwed all the time? I mean, we might lose out on productivity, but we'd sure be a lot happier! I suppose your outlook on life has to do with when to do the nailing then? 
My philosophy is this—Treat life as though you are eating a smoked neck bone. Eat the meat (use things that will help you), and throw the bone away (get rid of things that won't help you).
Or do what the aboriginal groups in Canada did and MAKE those bones useful to you. OWN THAT BONE. Ah, Kay, I feel like I could dig into you forever, but now I think we really have to know--what have you written? 
LOVESICK—a poetry book of scorned lovers…it has a slight delay with release date but should be ready for you reading enjoyment March 2013—YAY!

Below is an example of my work:

The white, the black, the ugly
He was bad who came from the south
She fell in love with the gold teeth he had in his mouth
He sold her molly at a rave, that’s how she met him
A rebellious teen going out on a limb
She’s addicted to black men w/ black tar heroine
She runs away from home, he moves her in
Her parents find her in the projects; their patience is thin
You see they are racist
And their daughter disgraces
The family by mixing with persons in different races
Her dad is running for office; he’s a political figure.
Bad timing for his junky daughter to be dating a nigger.
Her mom is in a zone, she nods and shrugs
And pops another bottle of prescription drugs.

My work can also be found on :—kayem gee thee poetess
Facebook—kayem gee thee poetess
Twitter—@kayem_gee @kaygeeahh

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME: it is greatly appreciated!

Don't be silly, the appreciation is all mine! Remember everyone, Lovesick comes to you next month at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Keep an eye out!

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