Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Night Alive: Naomi Shaw

I want to introduce you to another NNP family friend whom I've worked with in the past. This lady's well worth the wait. She's classy, sassy, and her name backwards is "I Moan." Pretty appropriate for a hot erotica author, if I do say so myself. I bring you Naomi Shaw!

Ms. Shaw, would you have the honour of introducing yourself?

Well, where shall I begin? I’m a married woman from England, who chooses to write with a pseudonym as some members of my family frown on erotica.
I started writing a few years ago, and boy was I bad lol! I cringe looking at some of my first pieces which remain on free sites. Still we all start somewhere.
We do indeed! That you have the bravery to look at your past work only shows how far you've come. Besides a writer, who are you?
I’m married with one grown up daughter. Due to health reasons I had to give up my job as a doctors’ receptionist which I’d had for over 20 years. So life is a struggle like so many other people.
I’m a musician as well as a writer. I’ve played trombone since I was 12, playing in local bands and orchestras.
What doesn't steamroll you makes you indestructible. Or something something hear me roar. Following that, how would you describe yourself as a writer?
I’ve had an urge to write for years. I’ve been a bookworm ever since I could string two words together and have had varying passions for styles and genres through the years. After reading some erotica, someone suggested that I try to write it myself. I have a lot to learn, but am enjoying the writing.
I really want to get into print. Besides the various genres of erotica I have a goal to write mysteries.
All writers should think like you. Passions?

Besides reading and writing, I love music. Through playing music, I have developed a broad spectrum of musical appreciation. Another love I have is cooking. I’m very happy in the kitchen. The only thing I hate is the washing up afterwards lol.
That's what we have husbands for, I think. With so many talents, how important is writing in it all?

I write every day, whether it’s to add to a particular WIP or blog post.
 Oh, man, lucky. So I needs must know: If you could meet any one person, who would it be?
When I think Gina, I think don't fuck with me
Gina Kincade. She is so knowledgeable where writing is concerned and always ready with a pep talk when you lose confidence.
Right? She's just the bee's knees, isn't she? For those who don't know, Gina Kincade is publisher of all NNP works by day, superhero by night, smothering evil in its masochistic ways. I hear she's pretty sexy too. Wonder Woman, eat your heart out!

Oh, jeez, there I go again. Right, back on track. Has writing changed you as a person?
Definitely. I’m using my brain more lol
I wish I knew earlier in life my brain was a muscle that required exercise daily. Wouldn't have spent so much time not writing. With that in mind, what's you life's philosophy?
Never give up, no matter what.
Tim Allen also said NEVER SURRENDER which I shout out defiantly at my computer while I'm playing video games or dealing with bureaucracy. Naomi, what are we going to see from you in the future?
This year will see the completion of a trilogy and maybe an erotic novella too.
 Oh, you tease! Not telling us what it is. So humble it hurts my reading pleasure. I guess we're just going to have to watch you like a hawk to find out what it is. Well, until then, make it up to me: if you could be a sex toy, what would you be?
Haha, a dildo, so I could explore and discover lots of erogenous zones.

Hear that, Rabbit? Start running.

All right, everyone, here's what you've been waiting for. This is an excerpt from one of Naomi's fine works, one which I've had the pleasure of working on. I bring you: "Unexpected Lessons"
Hardworking student Kyla has just woken up in her university room alone. She takes advantage of her solitude, having just had a dream about her Professor crush.

She always slept naked, often getting very hot in the night. Kyla slid a hand down her soft curvaceous body and slipped it between her thighs. With one gentle finger, she stroked her velvety folds. “Ahh,” she said aloud. “I’m wet already,” and brought her finger up to suck the juice off. Mmm, very nice, she thought. Mmm, would you like to see me now, Professor?
For a fleeting moment, she wondered why everyone thought she had no interest in sex. Then she answered her own question. I am just a nerd to them. Maybe I should change. She reached under the bed and dragged out her handbag. Scrabbling about inside the bag, Kyla found what she wanted. “Oh yes,” she said, stroking the object with affection.
Nobody knew she had a vibrator, a sleek pink rabbit that stimulated both her G spot and clit, bringing her countless orgasms. Kyla switched the vibrator on and lifted the duvet slightly, closed her eyes again and thought of the Professor.
She wound the buzzing vibrator around her soft full breasts. Tingles shot right through her body to the tips of her toes, which automatically curled in spasm. Working around her breasts with steadily decreasing circles, Kyla eventually reached the puffy pink areola and hard nipple. Kyla’s nipples were very rarely soft. Knowing about how active an imagination she had, she would have laughed aloud at unkind and unwarranted words such as ‘frigid’ and ‘asexual’ that some of the other students had labeled her, well out of earshot.
She breathed in sharply and bit her lip, moaning. Grazing the buzzing object over her nipples, Kyla arched her back and half opened fluttering eyelids. She swept her legs wide in the bed and touched her pussy with the other hand, putting a slight pressure on her swollen mound. Waves of intense pleasure washed over her as she lifted her head and then threw it back on the pillow.
Kyla discarded the duvet and lay on the bed in her naked glory. Moving her hand down slowly, her gently stroked the soft flesh and plunged a couple of fingers into her wet warmth. The invading fingers, clamped by the slick walls, delved into her sweet sticky honey. Kyla plunged in and out, working a rhythm. Rippling ecstasies consumed her whole body and she shuddered, curling her body forward. She bent her knees and drew her legs up to reach further inside herself. Bringing the vibrator down to her pussy, she lightly touched her clit with the humming shaft but it made her squeal.
“Oh yes!” she cried, her mind focusing on her thoughts of the Professor. “Look at me,” she called. “Don’t you want your student?” She circled her clit with the tip of the buzzing vibe, while the fingers of her other hand continued to fuck her. “Fuck me Professor, fuck me.” 

"Unexpected Lessons" can be found at Naughty Nights Press, Amazon US, and smashwords

Thanks for being here, Naomi. I look forward to our paths crossing again. Until then, thank the lords of Kobol for someone like you. So say we all! 


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me here May. I had a great time chatting with you. You have a wonderful blog and I will follow you with keen interest

  2. Great interview Naomi and some very unusual questions May! If you could be a sex toy? And Naomi, a dildo, really? Ha! great stuff!

  3. Wonderful to read more about you, Naomi! Glad I finally made it over to May's blog. :D

  4. Great interview, May, getting to the heart, soul and erogenous zones of a very spicy writer.