Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday Turn-On: Poker Face

Ah! I went AWOL for a week. Shh, don't tell anyone. I solemnly swear I was up to no good. No, wait, the opposite of that. WHICHEVER IS THE GOOD ONE.

Here's a story to make up for my shortcomings! (Guess what? It's exactly 1000 words. I am on fucking fire.)

No one knew. That was what made it so sexy. He was wearing my shirt as a scarf and was placing a bet for my jeans, but it wasn't questionable in the slightest because all of us were doing it to each other. Hiding out in the open. I was going to tie him up with that shirt later for this.

"I see your jeans," I said, sticking out my chest, "and raise you underwear."

A chorus of cheers sounded around the table. A few mickeys of vodka and tequila amplified their mirth. Watching Teresa lose herself to a fit of mad giggles almost made me lose my poker face; she was that person everyone censored themselves around, lest she turn her judging eyes on them, and now she was red in the face and clad only in a pair of Calvin Klein booty shorts. She inspired me to be more confident, bold, and uninhibited.

Will gave me that smile he usually only gave in private--the kind of smile that could either be interpreted as a predatory precursor or a ravenous promise. Kevin made some lewd (and illogical) comment about double or nothing, while Amber and Allie did their club chair dance again for no specific reason at all. It was Cai, the quiet observant genius, coolly looking between Will and me, that kept me in check. All others were likely to not remember a thing in the morning, but it was Cai who would see. And know. And remember. And tell.

You see, Will and I had been friends since junior high. The seven of us had collected over the course of a few years and stuck together through college. If everyone knew we were fucking, the dynamic of the group would be forever broken, friendships lost. Doing something like strip poker was harmless to us--we'd known each other so long, being scantily clad around one another was like visiting the doctor's office. Our group nearly disbanded once in tenth grade when some of us started dating each other. We decided we never wanted to lose what we had, and put a stop to teenage antics. But the attraction to Will never subsided for me. Evidently, his attraction to me did nothing but double.

So Will threw his hand down.

"Flush," I said, smiling sheepishly and wiggling in my seat.

"Jenni-fuuur," Amber and Allie chanted in unison while raising the roof, mimicking squirming out of their pants.

"Take it off!" Teresa shrieked, throwing herself into a cramp-inducing laughter.

I reached for the zipper of my jeans and the table went nuts. But then I put a look on my face that said, "You know what? No. Suck it."

I threw down four of a kind.

"No," Kevin roared.

"Holy hell," Cai remarked.

"Take it off!" Teresa hollered again, this time in Will's face.

Will pulled my shirt off his neck and let it fall to the floor. Then he stood (only a little off-balance) and slowly rounded the table, his eyes never leaving mine. He stopped when he stood inches from my face, his crotch nearly at eye-level.

"Claim them," he said.

It could have gone either way from there. Luckily for us the table only got wilder. All but Cai--he looked like he was studying a complicated painting. But the girls were practically rolling on the floor, and for some reason Kevin found it necessary to do a touch-down victory dance. Oh, I probably didn't mention--he was buck naked. It would have been hard not to laugh, but I was all too aware of Cai eying me suspiciously. More than that, I was all too aware of the sexiest man standing next to me, demanding I undress him.

Hiding out in the open.

One too many Absolut shots probably had something to do with my next risque move. I opened wide and gently bit his belt, pulling it aside and free. Catcalls and whistles rained down upon us. Even with impaired fine motor skills I managed to grab his zipper between my teeth and pull it down. My nose traced down his treasure trail as his pants came free and slid down his hips. I eased them down further until they pooled around his ankles and only his boxer briefs remained. They were black. I'd seen them before; the first time he fucked me in the back of his car, my shirt pushed up over my bra, my shorts around my knees, and those boxer briefs pulled out of the way enough so that he could fill me up from behind.

Next I ran my fingers just under the band of his underwear. I saw him tense as he desperately tried to maintain his composure while our friends continued to lose themselves to hysterics. And Cai watched his hands in his lap. I was surprised to see the only person in the room with an erection was our contemplative counterpart.

"You know what?" I said, my breath brushing against Will's crotch. "Keep 'em. I'll give you another chance to get me out of mine first."

That smile again. He stepped out of his jeans, rounded the table, and sat with a look of feigned victory.

"I'm gonna lose the next hand too," Kevin announced with flourish, reclaiming his seat.

"You're not wearing pants," Amber reminded him, matter-of-factually.

"Yeah, but I got that Prince Albert that needs removing, and if she's using her mouth, I'm game to lose."

When I looked to Cai I instantly knew he knew. It was blatantly obvious, mind you. For a second I was very worried what he would do next; this could go from fun to FUBAR in the blink of an eye.

He only grinned and tossed me the bottle cap. "Deal," he said. It sounded like a blessing.

So I grinned back, picked up the cards, and dealt them out. "I'm going after bras next," I declared, to which everyone--including Cai--cheered like I'd saved their lives.

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  1. What a fun game. Lovely imagery and very light conversation. It makes the underlying heat deeper. Great flash.