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Saturday Night Herald: Angelica Dawson

Ladies and gentlemen, readers and stumblers-upon, I wish to inform you that I am giddy with delight to post this article on a fellow Canadian Naughty Nights Press author. When she gets going, she takes you with her. She's an environmental surveyor by day, penman seducer by night. I give you: Angelica Dawson, from Edmonton, Alberta.

Which sometimes looks like this,

But usually looks like this.

Before you take us on any sort of saucy adventure, Ang, tell us what you've written!

My first two titles released on the same day with Naughty Nights Press. "The Highest Bidder" was included in the third anthology of Campus Sexploits stories, but I’m most proud of my novella Blue Moon House. I’m looking forward to release a series of prequels using the same characters. Most recently, my story, "Leave Taking," was included in the first volume of Breathless Press’ Serviced anthology.

You're thorough. Or should I just say I feel... serviced? I'm sorry. Let's hear about the woman behind the writer!

One of few words. I’m not one that needs to cut things from my drafts, generally. I’m the writer who hints at all sorts of things and then has to go back and put in more detail. Though I’m daring, willing to try anything. I’ve written a story in second person (a choose your own adventure), I write YA (under my real name), horror, science fiction, paranormal, erotica, anything! I don’t do it all equally well, of course, but I’m not afraid to try anything.
I have been married to the same wonderful man for 12 years and he indulges me in my passions, be those writing or more physical. We added a third to our duo when my daughter was born at the end of 2006, so we’ve now spent as much time with her in our lives as we spent together before her. Although that has meant a lot of change in our lives and relationship, we’ve been able to hold onto a lot, especially each other. The hardest part about having a six-year old is her tendency to read over my shoulder. No! Get out! Not for you!
Not to worry; she'll probably just end up being a kick ass writer like Mom. What's Mama Dawson like?
I sometimes have to tear myself away from my writing to spend time with my family. It takes a lot of time out of my evenings to keep up with blogging. Responding to posts and writing new ones. Then there’s constant edits and some beta reading. I try to keep my writing as varied as the rest of my life. That way I don’t fall into any ruts.
So where did you and writing start your love affair?
I wrote a lot when I was younger and then, about 5 years ago, I started writing fanfiction. That really got me back in the saddle and lead to my first publications. I learned a lot in two years of writing fanficition.

Oh, wow. All hail Kimmydon. A lot of people don't look at fan fiction in a good light, but what a marketing tactic. 700 reviews? I need to cash in on that. What would you say you do that hooks your readers in like little herrings?
I try to challenge my readers. When I wrote Blue Moon House, I wanted to throw in all kinds of kinks, really push the envelope, which is why I was surprised Naughty Nights picked it up. As I write the prequels, I continued to push my readers, accept the repentant rapist, the demon. Step into the shoes of the rape victim and watch her grow. If my books don’t make you explore something you aren’t completely comfortable with, I haven’t done my job.
Yes, sir! How far do you hope to push envelopes and readers in the future?
I hope to one day be popular/famous enough that I don’t have to blog anymore!
Hey now.
LOL I love writing flash fiction, and will probably always do some of that, but I’d like to do it with more freedom (although I have a lot of latitude now!) and I’d love to not feel the pressure to put myself out there.
Okay, nice save. Advice to other authors?
Keep writing. Let people read it. It’s been so helpful to just spew words on the page and not care what comes of it. Fanfiction was a great learning experience because so many people read my writing there and gave me feedback. It was the perfect learning atmosphere.
All right, Ang. What's next on the menu for your hundreds of Twilight fans?
The stories of the Blue Moon House vampires! Jocelyn’s story, Kitten, shouldn’t be too far out anymore. I have written, in some draft form, stories for Harrold, Will, Terrance and Nicholas. I just have the first two ladies left, Lynn and Sophia. Sophia’s story could be a whole novel on its own. I’m also working on a story about fairies of Winter and Summer and the marriage between the two. It’s been a lot of fun and I really hope to see it published one day.
Finally: manhole shape. Which are you?
They come in shapes other than round? I guess I’d be round. I like to fit in.
Tell that to the pentagon. I bet he'd go on some rant about inclusive work environments and Charter rights.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone wants to see you strut your stuff. Let's take a look at what Angelica can do!

Blue Moon House – Vampire BDSM

Julia has the chance to become one of the vampires of the Blue Moon House. Before being accepted, however, she must prove herself to each of the vampires, and each has their own exacting cost.

Ranging from lesbian, to being forced, to physical torture, she is pushed to her breaking point time and again. Eventually her perseverance pays off and she crosses from submissive to dominant and vampire.

Blue Moon House can be found at Naughty Nights Press,,, goodreads, and SmashWords.

From the Halls of Dawson...
Saturday After Dark
"Fire and Ice"
(Not to be confused with A Song of Ice and Fire)

Click the banner to visit them Halls

She shivered as pale ice fingers opened her dress. It was cold, but warmer than anywhere else in Winter. Her nipples were hard points and ached as they were exposed to the cool breath of her husband.

"Did it hurt?" he asked, kneeling before her, his hands sliding down the back of her now bare legs.
"Yes," she said, eyes wide. "It was painful for you, too?"

He nodded, his silvery grey hair falling into his colorless eyes. That gaze held her, fixed. So different from the greens, golds and reds of her home. She touched her hair, feeling for something of Summer. Her fingers brushed the branches Olive had tied in, celebrating her wedding. As if being stranded in Winter every other season were something to celebrate. The life that sprung from those branches shot up her arms, and she stretched, releasing the magic into the bare twigs surrounding her. Moss and lichen, the only life in this place, surged toward her, covering the bare branches closest to her.

The grey fairy stopped his wandering fingers, reaching toward one of the now furry stems. He pulled back before touching it to reach for her hand. She lowered it, touching a few strands of his hair.

He pulled his head away, but too late, the strands she had touched no longer hung flat with the others, they sprang out, thick and curled.

"I'm sorry," she said, surprised that she was. Although he had taken her, in accordance with the peace treaty, he had never been harsh with her, only gentle.

He closed his eyes, then took her hand again, placing it on his chest.

She gasped as the magic still lingering in her fingertips shot into him. His eyes turned from pale white silver to gold and he grabbed for her, pulling her hips toward his face.

She shuddered as his magic, so strong here, pierced her like a thousand frosty needles. They shot up between her legs, into her belly, turning it to ice.

He didn't move from the spot, looking up at her with golden eyes, his mouth opening and tongue sampling her. The piercing came again, even more focused, and this time, it wasn't unpleasant.
She put her hands into his hair, her magic nearly gone. His hair shimmered, turning a pale pink for a moment before the hue receded to the roots, seeming to drain into his head. She held his head where it was and tried to resist the waves of pleasure that shot through her.

Angelica, thank you for being here. Rubbing Internet shoulders with you makes me feel like I'm back on the homestead. Take care shovelling your fresh pile of five mile high snow. Don't want to throw out your back, because then your arms go next, and who knows when you'll be able to get back in the saddle?

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  1. Thanks for having me May! The snow has been unreal. I wish I could recommend fanfiction as a way of building an audience, but unless you're like E.L. James and getting 10 000 reviews on your story, you don't get to translate many (hardly any) of those fans to you original fiction. They just don't follow. :( I've had a handful, but only that. I try to point them to my blog. If they hesitate because it's not free, well, what I have on my blog is! I've kept in touch with a lot of fanfiction writers and with the exception of the big names (Sylvain Renault, James, a few others) you can print your fanfiction, but you get raked over the coals by half the community and the other half don't notice or care. It's very sad.